National Small Business Week Virtual Conference

Lessons I Learned During The National Small Business Week

If you’re in the trenches of starting a business than you’ve probably come across various conferences, podcast, webinars, and workshops offering advice on starting a business.  Some of the advice is given freely and some of the advice comes with a price tag.

Recently, the Small Business Administration launched their first national small business week virtual conference.  I signed up for the virtual conference first because it was free to attend, no travel involved (skip L.A. traffic ♥ ), and only required access to the internet.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the SBA let me explain a little bit about their organization.  The SBA supports American entrepreneurs in their pursuit to start their business, obtain funding, networking opportunities and business expansion.

Here are the top five lessons I learned attending the three-day virtual conference:

Register Early

To register for the live webinars you need to input your full name, email address, zip code and newsletter preference.  You could join the webinars five minutes before it began. However, I noticed that there was a major traffic increase at the time as well.  It seemed everyone had the same idea to join the webinar right before it began.

Pop Up Blockers

As part of the virtual conference experience, there was a live help desk option.  If you experienced problems viewing the webinars you could ask for assistance.  Helpful tips:  Double check your computer preferences to make sure that your pop up blockers are turned off.

Mentoring Hall/Networking Lounge

Take advantage of the mentoring hall to get business advice and tips from score mentors and peers.  Additionally, there was a great opportunity to network with businesses and lenders in the networking lounge.


With over twelve different webinars offered throughout the virtual conference trying to retain all of the information can be overwhelming.  To remember the advice better writing notes during the webinar allows for a permanent record. Helpful tip: Creating a note-taking method (use a mobile app, or outlining technique) to obtain clear, and concise review material.

After Registration

While registering for the webinars I noticed off to the right of the webpage there was a section for related content.  While I waited for the conference to begin I watched past recorded webinars that provided useful information for upcoming projects.  I particularly liked the webinar: Video Marketing Made Easy as an additional reference tool to the Sharing Your Story Through Video webinar.

*Bonus: In addition, to distractions (phone calls, social media, and audio clarity) rewatching a video can assist you with retaining important business tips.  In case you missed any of the SBA virtual webinars you can watch them at

Although I did experience technical difficulties during the three-day conference, I learned invaluable information.  Overall, the conference was a great way to begin the month of May.

Did you get a chance to attend the virtual conference?  What were some of your biggest takeaways?  I would love to read your messages in the comments down below!

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