Small Business Grant Writing Basics

15 Tips for Writing A Grant Proposal or Crowdsourcing Campaigns  

There are many categories for grant allocations (Federal, State, Local, Corporate) geared towards small businesses.  Although, the process may seem daunting these awards can be great resources for entrepreneurs.

Here are some basics tips for writing your next grant proposal or crowdsourcing campaigns.

  1. Understanding the grant proposal eligibility requirements:  i.e. locations, demographics, company industry, detailed explanation of how grantee dispenses funds.
  2. After you’ve successfully verified your company qualifications for the grant program, download the application.
  3. Write down the grant program’s mission, objectives, and goals for providing financial awards.
  4. Watch any relevant company presentations or overviews. on the company’s history, leadership flow chart, success stories, application process, annual budget and case studies.  
  5. Create a list of the necessary information the grant program is requesting from your small business.  Examples include company name, organization’s structure, employees, company’s history, the reason for your request (need statement), intended use for funds, timeline, possible commercialization (tech based), and the past success of your company.
  6. Contact any additional Non-profit organizations, Universities or Government agencies to create a plan for business obligations and opportunities.
  7.  Schedule a meeting or phone conference with a representative assigned to the grant program to introduce your company and how your company serves the community.  Request grantor’s annual reports and other publications to assist with writing your need statement.
  8. During the meeting, and or phone conference try to obtain key wording from the grant program representative that describes their ideal grantee.  Tip: Use those keywords to create a more impactful grant proposal.
  9. Application deadline!  Write down the application deadline on a calendar.
  10. Write a rough draft of the grant proposal or crowdsourcing campaign.  Make sure you leave enough time before you submit your proposal to have a proofreader complete a thorough review of your proposal.
  11. Double check grant programs submission policy for formatting, structure, and cover binding.
  12. Don’t forget to use charts and graphs to create a more visually appealing proposal.
  13. Use literature citations to increase proposals credibility, and make sure the proposal includes an appendix.
  14. Bind it all together (introduction paragraph, need for funding, project description, budget, and company history).
  15. Submit your grant proposal.

After you have submitted your grant proposal don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishment before you repeat these 15 steps and start working on your next grant.

These are just some of the basic steps for submitting a grant proposal or crowdsourcing campaign.  Whether you’re working on a grant, applying for a loan or seeking angel investors ‘Fighting’(파이팅)  with your future endeavors.       

If you would like to read more resources for starting a small business check out A List Of Websites Great For Conducting Research and Path To Obtaining A Startup Visa In South Korea

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Lastly, if you have any questions or feedback please leave me a message in the comments.


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