Myeongdong Shopping District

Myeongdong Shopping District

Street Shopping & Sightseeing In South Korea

December 10, 2016


We decided it would be fun to do a little bit of street shopping and sightseeing.  I couldn’t get past how my nose kept running and was slightly bleeding from the cold weather.  Because it was my first time in any real cold weather I had a slight panic on what was going on with my body.  This California girl was not at all prepared for her first winter.


Again, I thought about what I had learned at the travel clinic and walked around smelling the Korean dishes that I wanted to eat so bad yet I didn’t try a single one.  I was silently cursing my cousins’ friend.  What part of my shots are not effective for at least two weeks didn’t she understand.  

Through sheer will and perseverance, I made it to a pizza restaurant.  It promised Chicago style deep dish pizza.  It was a little too sweet and way too much cheese, but I was happy.  I experienced my first sense of rebellion when I ordered a soda and I drank it without a straw.  I had promised the clinician that I would look into getting that Tdap and finish my shot series.  The worries crept in as I  sipped from that soda can.  I realized how hard it was going to be to change a routine from what I normally did every day.

Before I left California I thought that another bonus of me traveling to Korea was that I would lose weight.  On all the YouTube videos I watched everybody talked about how much weight they lost because they walked everywhere.  And really if you don’t have a car, you really should plan on walking a lot.  

Eventually, I would lose a total of twenty pounds.  But your habits don’t change immediately.  If you ordered french fries and a burger with a soda before you left your home you’re going to do that even when you go live abroad.  I soon realized that S. Korea not only had McD’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Popeye’s, California Pizza Kitchen, and Panda Express, but that really all of the American fast food chains like TGI Friday’s were also available.  

So long to the notion that I only had to eat Korean food.  Anytime I got a little homesick the went to one of these fast food restaurants and got a small sense of feeling like I was back at home.  For that, I would like to say thank you to the Taco Bell in Hongdae and Dongdaemun Market, for serving the exact same number one order whether I live in California or Seoul, which consists of two beef tacos, a small side, and a drink.

If you want to continue reading my travel adventure in Seoul, South Korea check out my travel diary.


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