Emergency In Flight - Korean Air

Emergency In Flight

Nonstop Flight To Seoul, South Korea

The first thirty minutes of the plane ride I was okay.  I don’t know if it was because of the nervous energy or because I received two shots earlier in the day, but after the stewardess served juice, I started to vomit.  

I was that passenger.  The one that you heard over the loudspeaker who needed a doctor.  I was the one that all of the crew, passengers, and pilot hoped nothing was seriously wrong because nobody wanted their flight to be delayed or rerouted.  

Laying on the ground, not in control of my bodily functions, my heart racing a mile a minute and the feeling of not being able to catch my breath was my fear.  I was having a panic attack.  No, this was not a drill.  The stewardess quickly rushed me out-of-the-way and into the first class cabin at the top of the plane.  

Out of sight, out of the passenger’s mind.  My first time sitting in first class and I couldn’t enjoy it, instead, I was wondering what was happening to my body.  Blissfully, happily, I went to sleep lying in a pod that costs thousands of dollars.

With eight hours left of the fourteen-hour plane ride, I decided I needed to go to the bathroom.  I stood in front of the bathroom stall and fainted.   I don’t know how scared they must have been.  I do know that once I regained consciousness, the doctor was once again hovering over me.  She asked if I fainted?  I was embarrassed and mortified.  

I don’t know what happened in those minutes I was asleep.  I watch as stewardesses pricked their fingers.  They tried to accurately gauge the testing trip that will tell them if my sickness is being caused by high blood pressure.  The doctor watched what they’re doing while monitoring my vital signs.  I’m dry heaving until my stomach hurts.  

After two finger pricks, the doctor held onto my hand, she looked at me with concern and a serious doctor expression.  I lied and said that I didn’t faint, too scared of what it means if I actually told her the truth.  There were definitely a couple of minutes I don’t remember.  I convinced everyone that I’m okay and go back to my little pod.  I went to sleep again and prayed the next time I woke up I would be closer to Seoul, South Korea.

With two hours left on the fourteen-hour flight, I finally began to get my bearings.  I took deep breaths to calm down.  I focused on the ticking of the time on the miniature TV screen inside the seat headrest like it’s my lifeline.  

The plane landed safely and slowly made its way to the airport gate.  The fasten seatbelt sign faded and we were allowed to leave our seats.  Retrieving my backpack from the overhead compartment, I waited in line to deboard the plane with the rest of the passengers.

 If you want to continue reading about my life in Seoul, South Korea check out the next post in my travel diary.


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