New Year's In Seoul South Korea

New Year’s in Seoul, South Korea

Happy New Year! Saehae Bok Mani Badeuseyo (새해 복 많이 받으세요)! For my New Year’s resolution, I wrote down a list of to-do items.  I was going to get out of the dorm and go places.  I was going to meet people.  I started signing up for several Facebook groups that centered around life in Korea and nomadic travelers traveling throughout Asia.  The only problem … Continue reading New Year’s in Seoul, South Korea

2nd Korean Language Class - Hankuk University

2nd Korean Language Class

Korean Lang. Class & Hairdresser After a week of torture, I was transferred to what I call the slow learner course for studying Hangul.  I later found out teachers are not allowed to use any English to teach even if they are fluent.  There were far more confusing and often difficult rules to comprehend in South Korea.   Like why couldn’t I leave class ten … Continue reading 2nd Korean Language Class

Facebook Groups To Join For South Korea Expats

Facebook Groups To Join For South Korea Expats

Facebook Groups To Join Do you want to read about foreigners experience while living in South Korea?  Whether you’re an English teacher, a bargain hunter, or an entrepreneur look no further than these specialized groups. Entrepreneurs In Seoul (EIS) The group focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to influential people in media, government, and investors.  The group has over 2,000 members and counting and most posts focus … Continue reading Facebook Groups To Join For South Korea Expats

American YouTubers In South Korea You Need To Follow

Beauty, and Travel YouTubers When I seriously began to consider living abroad in South Korea I wanted to know what “A Day in Seoul” resembled.  There are thousands of YouTubers out there vlogging about their life.  Here are some of my favorites who urged me forward with their videos of snowcapped mountains while relaxing in a hot sauna, their young entrepreneurial spirit, and cherry blossom landscapes like no … Continue reading American YouTubers In South Korea You Need To Follow

University Student In Korea - Hankuk University

University Student in Korea

University Student a.k.a 학생 (Hagsaeng) I went to the Korean language center office at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with one of my fifty pounds bags and a notebook.  I knew that I couldn’t check into my dorm room until three p.m., but I thought I could carry one of my bags with me while I checked out the school surroundings.   After our shopping trip … Continue reading University Student in Korea

Myeongdong Shopping District

Myeongdong Shopping District

Shopping & Eating In Myeondong Friendly Unfamiliar Face I sat staring at the busy people rushing around Seoul Station.  This was the busiest train station I had ever seen.  I sat on a bench with a lot of other elderly people.   The elderly who were not in a hurry and were happy to see young people still trying to rush through life.  She had sent … Continue reading Myeongdong Shopping District

South Korea Customs Experience

South Korea Customs Experience

Customs And A Non-Stop Train Ride Korea Customs Declarations I’m offered a wheelchair and service to the baggage check by the stewardess, which I sheeply declined.  A part of me wanted to take her up on the free offer.  I could be the first person off the plane and I could have someone help with my luggage.  It’s funny how once I landed I was … Continue reading South Korea Customs Experience

Moving Abroad To South Korea

Traveling from California to Seoul I woke up in the morning feeling incredibly sick.  I don’t know whether it was because my mind wouldn’t stop racing or the insurmountable to-do lists I needed to complete before I left the United States later that night.  I quit my job and I was leaving everything that was familiar.  What was I thinking?   I can’t believe I … Continue reading Moving Abroad To South Korea