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10 Websites And Apps For Visitors To South Korea

Necessary Information For A Trip To South Korea

I want to compile a list of mobile applications and helpful numbers that are necessary for tourist or expats who plan on visiting South Korea.  This list is a broad range of helpful information that will assist you with traveling, ordering food, and knowing the proper procedures if you experience an emergency situation.

Korean Convenience Mobile App

Korean Convenience is a mobile application to assist individuals who have food allergies and dietary restrictions find ready-made Korean food easier. The app features over 200 chips, drinks, cookies, ramen, snacks, and soup products.

Additionally, there is a directory to reference both English and Hangul ingredients.

Get the app on the Google Play Store | App Store

Useful Phone Numbers

Dial 1330 (In Korea) – Korea Travel Hotline

I couldn’t begin my list with first mentioning Korea’s Travel Hotline.  Have you ever wondered what you would do if you missed the last subway and had to call a taxi?  I have you, would be surprised how time flies when you’re out having dinner followed by late night Karaoke.

This is where this 24-hour hotline assists tourist with translation services.  The operator is there to provide hotel directions to the Taxi service so that you will not experience the frustration of not speaking the same language.  Tip: If you’re out late at night with friends make sure that your friends take a picture of the license plate and the taxi driver’s license for safety.  Korea is a very safe place however, you can never be too careful and you should always edge on the side of caution when hanging out with friends.

Dial 1644-2255 – International Taxi Service

If you’re scheduling your itinerary and you’re aware that you will need a taxi service at a specified time and date then this is the number to call.  Be aware that you need to call at least 24 hours in advance and the office has shorter business hours during the weekend. Additionally, you can request a taxi, and obtain flat rate fees online at


Tourist Complaint

Although, we would all like to hope that you will never need this information I want to mention this website in case there’s a disturbing experience you encounter.  Also, you can write in with a suggestion that you believe will enhance a popular attraction or write a compliment for someone who went above and beyond with assisting you while visiting South Korea.

Interpark Global

This is more specialized for those who are into Kpop, you can attend popular artist fan meetings, obtain autograph signings or purchase your favorite group’s merchandise (i.e. glow sticks, soundtracks, etc).  Additionally, you can purchase tickets for Korean musicals that are currently in theaters.

Yes24 Ticket

If you want a more detailed list of live shows, musicals as well as classical performances that are in South Korea check out this website.  Each listing includes a brief synopsis of the performance, musical talent, ticket price and location, and transportation information.

Mobile Apps


Simply titled the subway app.  This app is extremely convenient if you’re traveling around Seoul and you need to plan your trip either with the metro bus or subway system to nearby attractions.  It’s also available for android phone users, for more information click on the link here.


Although this application is being used more and more by Facebook account, it’s also necessary while traveling abroad.  It features to allow you to speak to your contacts free using your wi-fi capabilities is a must have to avoid those international surcharges.

Emergency Ready App

This app provides the nearest fire, police office, disaster alert and embassy information.  Again, this is one of those things that you hope that you won’t need, but in case you do you already have the information handy.  An additional feature includes safety guide instructions on how to perform CPR on both infants and adults.

Korea Tourism Organization

This mobile application allows you to plan your trip out.  Whether you’re planning on visiting popular tourist attractions, dining options, shopping or visiting regions outside of Seoul this mobile app allows you to keep it all in one place for your visit to South Korea.  Tip: If you’re looking for coupons it’s definitely worth checkout out. The Korea Tourism Organization is currently providing coupons for the Trick Eye and Ice Museum.

Google Translate

I believe that I have mentioned this mobile application previously in another post, however, I want to make sure that it’s included.  Although I rarely used this app to ask questions, it did come in handy when I needed to look up a specific word or phrase in Korean.

Final Thoughts

These are a few of the necessary websites, mobile applications, and useful phone numbers to assist with experiencing an enjoyable trip to South Korea.  I should note that I didn’t include any of the food delivery mobile applications because I feel that deserves its own separate blog posts because there are so many resources available for tourists and expats.

What are some of the mobile apps you use when traveling throughout Asia?  Looking forward to reading your comments.

Last updated: Jan. 21, 2022

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