Food allergy solutions for people who love Korean food!

There are 220 million people living around the world with potentially life-threatening food allergies. ~According to F.A.R.E. Get the food allergy information you need on the Korean Convenience app.

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The Korean Convenience app is a free mobile application to assist individuals with food allergies and intolerances to shop easier. Find ready-made Korean chips, cookies, crackers, drinks, ramen, snacks, and soup products.

In addition, don’t forget to check out the supplemental Korean Convenience blog, where we discuss all things Korean BBQ, food allergies, restaurant reviews, small business interviews, or personal stories related to the above.  We hope you will share your comments and participate in the discussion. 

To search for allergy-friendly prepackaged products, turn to the Korean Convenience app for the latest allergy-friendly products. If you create an account on the app, we encourage adding new products, product images, food allergies, and ingredient details.

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Allergy-Friendly App Updates

New Features Announcement: Save time and find more product details. Adding more prepackaged label information all in one place. We listened to your initial feedback and made some updates. Here are the latest updates regarding the Korean Convenience mobile app.  New features include: brand name search, meat and drink filter,…

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Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness

It’s Food Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month!  Each time we speak up for ourselves, friends, family, or our kids, we raise awareness. If you would like to donate to the Korean Convenience fundraiser that helps F.A.R.E while gaining exposure for yourself or your brand, you can learn more here! What…

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Food Equality Initiative Highlight

Press Coverage: Sponsor Highlight We are so thrilled to be featured in the Food Equality Initiative Sponsor Highlight and Magazine in their March/April Issue! About Food Equality Initiative F.E.I. mission is to end hunger in the food allergy and celiac disease community since 2014. Recently, they expanded their services to…

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How I Started A Business In South Korea

This guest post is written by Richard, a small business owner who moved to South Korea to teach English to adults.  Eventually, he shifted to opening a successful translation company.  Having traveled to over sixty countries, his love for travel and living the digital nomadic lifestyle was nonstop until the…

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Save Time And Find New Products

Korean Convenience Mobile App If you love Korean food then you know that it sometimes can be difficult to read ready-made products. Add an allergy or dietary restriction into the mix where reading every ingredient is an absolute must and it can feel almost overwhelming. To solve these challenges we’ve…

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