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South Korea Blogs

Crane Peace Village Experience Center

Cheorwon DMZ One Day Bus Tour

I researched and booked a trip to the DMZ to continue my solo travel plans.  I was proud of myself for figuring out I could take the DMZ train and then join a tour once I arrived.  

Non Teaching Jobs In South Korea

When I first decided I wanted to move to South Korea I begin to look for work overseas.  I didn’t want to teach students, however, I didn’t know what other options where available. Here is a list of additional job opportunities besides teaching English in South Korea.

Path To Obtaining A Startup Visa In South Korea

The class gathered at Seoul Global Center every night from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on the fifth floor.  The class covers such topics as writing Corporation Formation, Writing An Effective Business Plan, Labor Laws, Marketing, and Business Taxes in South Korea.

United States Blogs

24 Hour's In L.A.'s Koreatown, Seoul International Park Welcome Sign, Koreatown, Los Angeles, California

24 Hours In L.A.'s Koreatown

If you're looking for places to eat, sleep and have fun in Koreatown than check out this list of things to do.

K-town Food Tour, Gwang Yang BBQ

Koreatown Food Tour Review

Part of the food tour included VIP room seating for the six of us.  After taking our seats our preset entree was served which included: Gwang Yang Bulgogi, white rice, hot tea, and various banchan side dishes.

Gentle Monster, Los Angeles, California

Downtown Los Angeles: Gentle Monster

Downtown is an exciting and busy area with high rise buildings, restaurants, shopping districts and museums. Check out this mini guide to the Central Library, Grand Central Market, and Gentle Monster shopping experience.


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