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The Korean Convenience app is a free mobile application to assist individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions shop easier. Find ready-made Korean chips, cookies, crackers, drinks, ramen, snacks, and soup products.

In addition, don’t forget to check out the supplemental Korean Convenience blog where we discuss all things Korean BBQ, food allergies, restaurants reviews, small business interviews, or personal stories related to all of the above.  We hope you will share your own comments and be a part of the discussion, too. 

To search for allergy-friendly prepackaged products turn to the Korean Convenience app for the latest allergy-friendly products. Korean Convenience encourages adding new products, product images, allergy, and ingredients details.

There are 32 million people living in the United States with potentially life threatening food allergies. ~According to F.A.R.E. The food allergy and dietary restrictive community often needs detailed information found on the back of product labels. Korean Convenience puts all this information in one place, introducing your products to the consumers who need them, giving them the information they need to feel comfortable and potentially make a purchase. 

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